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It Never Gets Old: Cats Surrender to Laser-Pointer Madness

This GoPro footage captures a cat's eye view of what it's like to chase a laser pointer.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 8th 2012

Imagine for a moment that you are a cat (we know you’re well-versed at this — don’t pretend like you aren’t). You’re sitting in a spot of sunshine, happily dozing away in the sunny warmth, dreaming of being petted by your human slaves while eating plates of caviar and lapping up bowls of warm milk. Your super-sensitive ears pick of a soft noise, and you drowsily open your eyes halfway to observe its source, when, all of a sudden, it’s there — that glowing, elusive, seductive red SPOT.

No matter what you do, the spot persists. It glides over the floor, up onto the wall, and over the couches, and even when you get a paw on it, it’s STILL THERE. It’s some kind of evil sorcery, a threat to the world, a dangerous thing that must be eliminated at all costs.

Taken with the aid of a GoPro camera attached to a tissue box with a laser pointer (the ultimate cat trap), this video captures a cat’s eye view of the epic pursuit of the evil red dot. Combined with a dramatic soundtrack, we can now truly experience what it’s like to be a cat.

Go ahead, watch it again. We won’t tell anyone.

Photo: Tortoiseshell-tabby cat prepares to jump by Shutterstock

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