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Shark Attack? Kitten Feeding Frenzy? Same Thing!

Well, not really. The kittens in this video try to be fierce, but they're too cute to be scary.

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 19th 2012

It’s late, and you’ve had a good night on the town, where you’ve met an attractive and intriguing new friend. It’s summer and it’s warm, so you decide to wander down to the beach for a nighttime dip in the ocean. It’s perfectly thrilling and fun way to end your evening and show off your expert swimming skills.

Then you hear it … thundering cello and bass, rhythmically gaining volume and intensity, and then a lone horn, signaling something ominous, something dangerous, something lurking beyond in the darkness … something hungry. Your eyes widen, your heart races, and you try to mentally prepare yourself for what you are about to confront, knowing that not even your fearful imagination can make you ready for the terrifying reality.

You turn around, armed only with a can opener, as 10 little sets of kitten claws pierce the flesh of your thigh. You become a human cat tree. A chorus of pleading squeals erupts around you. This isn’t the opening scene to Jaws or some other scary movie, it’s just every morning in your kitchen as you try to find your litter of kittens.

Kittens are not nearly as scary as sharks, but boy, when those guys are hungry, they’ll circle your feet like piranhas waiting for a hambone to drop. These kittens’ enthusiasm for breakfast interferes with receiving it, but their humans are steadfast in their efforts. The kittens are so consumed with eating, they don’t even realize there’s a whole second side to the dish … and that’s when a helpful human shows kitty that there’s more food.


Photo: Cat steals piece of meat from the kitchen table by Shutterstock

Via Tumblr