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Sleepy Kitty Snuggles With an Alert, Confused Dog

As the kitty snoozes contentedly in this video, the dog tries to make sense of it all.

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 17th 2012

In what might be a sign of the end of times, here’s a video of a cat pulling a dog closer to him as the kitty sleep soundly. While kitty snoozes away, the dog is wide awake, her mind ablaze with troubling thoughts:

“Who’s the guy with the camera? What will happen to my career now that the truth is out? Is this love forbidden? Should it be forbidden? I simply can’t live in secret anymore, I have to be myself. OK, world, I’m coming out as a cat-lover — it’s true.”

The cat, however, is not bothered with such concerns. Cats naturally don’t give a meow about what anyone thinks of anything, so kitty doesn’t care if anyone else knows that he’s snuggling with the family dog. When kitty starts from a nightmare, he looks around, realizes he’s safe in the dog’s arms, stretches, and goes back to sleep. We feel comforted just watching this.

Look how precious and contented kitty looks with his chin on the dog’s supportive snout. This isn’t the end of times at all. This is what the beginning of a new era looks like — one in which love cuddles without boundaries. Awww!

Via Doglr