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Does Your Cat Get Creepily Close to You in the Bathroom?

If this isn't the weirdest (yet cutest) thing you've seen today, we'll be seriously shocked. Also, do your cats do this?!

Liz Acosta  |  Mar 21st 2013

OK, yes, it’s very weird that someone filmed this dude while he was going to the human litter box. We acknowledge that. Not only has this very mundane activity been recorded for posterity, but it’s also on the Internet.

We agree: This is very, very strange. But also, somehow, very, very cute?

Because, as you’ve shared, a kitty accomplice to the bathroom is just One Of Those Things that happens when you live with a cat. We don’t know why cats do that — after all, most cats prefer a protective enclave to do their business — but they do it and it’s weird yet somehow endearing?

Are they afraid that we might, as we joke, fall in? Sucked down into a whirlpool to another dimension? Do they not trust us to conduct our business properly? Are they jealous? Do they think we abandon them for five to 30 minutes at a time just so we can throw parties in secret in the Magic Water Room? (“Open up in there! I know you’re having a party without me!”)

No matter how often cats accompany us to the restroom, they always seem to forget the flushing part, which usually sends them bolting for cover under the bed.

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