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Pix We Love: Kyla the Cat Goes on a Shopping Spree

Our new favorite thing from Reddit: Photos of this cat's trip to PetSmart.

 |  Jul 10th 2013  |   8 Contributions

It was an awesome day for Kyla the cat, who got to go on a shopping spree at PetSmart.

Getting in the car, ready to go SHOPPING.

Okay, we're not sure if her human friend, Redditor _lawlipops_, was all, "Hey Kyla, we're here, you've got 15 minutes -- GO CRAZY!" But from the looks of it, Kyla had a pretty good time and got to go home with a FURminator to help remove a bunch of fur that we're sure was overheating her in this summer weather.

Not only is Kyla on a leash, she looks pretty happy and confident.

And look how well-behaved she is on her kitty leash! Is _lawlipops_ sure that Kyla isn't a dog? In fact, we know some dogs who can't even control themselves in the presence of aisles and aisles of toys and treats.

Kyla seems to have advocated for a new cat tree, but just like your parents had to reject your request for new toys at the toy store (I always wanted a Barbie dream house), Kyla will have to learn to be satisfied with the one she already has at home.

No, Kyla, you totally have a cat tree at home!

Kyla has stripes but no barcode -- she's not scanning!

In the end, the kitty ended up with one new toy, some hairball spray, and, as we mentioned, a FURminator. 

From the looks of it, even though Kyla's a shorthair kitty, she did pretty well producing a sizable hairball after her brushing. Not quite enough to make another full size Kyla, but definitely, perhaps, a kitten version.

Kitten sized -- not bad.

How many of you take your cats shopping at the pet store? Are they just as well-behaved as Kyla on a leash?

Photos via Reddit

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