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Animals With Stuffed Animals Tumblr: Not for the Faint of Cute

If you can handle large does of cute, you're ready for the Animals With Stuffed Animals Tumblr.

 |  Dec 7th 2012  |   5 Contributions

We know! We didn't think cats could get any cuter! Then they went and did this.

They curled up with stuffed animals, sometimes even plush versions of themselves, and the resulting images radiated cuteness unheard of in this world or this galaxy -- nay, this dimension. The sort of cuteness contained in these photos is so radioactive that we suggest you look at them with a friend so that you don't absorb all the cuteness rays alone. It may cause some mutation -- as in, your heart will grow three times its size and you might suddenly feel compelled to do strange things, like hug someone or call your mother up to tell her that you love her.


Just look at the way he has his little kitty arms wrapped around it!

There are photos of other kinds of animals with stuffed animals, but we think the cats take the cake. It's the way they wrap their little kitty paws around the toys they love that we just can't get enough of. Just look at this:

Did this really just happen?

How is that even possible? Did you just feel that? Yeah, that was your heart exploding (in a good way ... not in that you-cooked-a-hot-dog-in-the-microwave way).

All right, take a deep breath. Are you ready? Make sure you're sitting down for these ones:

That is too precious.

Okay, that's just too cute. This should be illegal. We're going now.

It's too much! Too much cuteness! If you dare see more, check out Animals With Stuffed Animals.

Photos via Animals With Stuffed Animals


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