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Yelp for Cats? Welcome to Yowl!

Don't assume cats can't review businesses. They have Yowl, the feline review site.

 |  Mar 20th 2013  |   8 Contributions

Do you Yelp? It's the site that lets you review businesses and read other patrons' reviews before trying that restaurant, salon, or podiatrist. I love testimonials and can't stand wasting money on bad products or services, so I loved this concept. And I guess everyone could use a mother's little Yelper, right? (Sorry.)

With Yelp, you can offer tips, like "Don't try the smoked weasel testicles" or "Ask for Maxine. She's a whiz with the curling iron!" After your visit, you can rate the business with one to five stars and then also write a review. I'm really enjoying reading others' reviews and hope I've assisted others with my own. So I guess you can say I get by with a little Yelp from my friends. (Sorry. Again.)

Do you Yowl? Striped Pawprint by Shutterstock

Cats, too, are savvy shoppers and don't like wasting good money. Wasting time, yes. Wasting sweet moolah, not so much. This is why they use the feline-friendly version of Yelp. It's called Yowl and is all the rage in the cat community. I ran across a couple of recent Yowl entries my cats made and thought I'd share them. Enjoy!

"Note to self: Ask for Boots."

"Financing available."

"I said I wanted a PINK ribbon. Losing points." Cat at Groomer by Flickr Creative Commons

"Tell them it's your birthday."

"Save your money."

"The servers here always bring me extra butter. I will definitely add that to my review." Cat at Table by Shutterstock


"I can't wait to write about this buffet"

"Shopping is a drag, anyway." Cats Shopping by Shutterstock

What kind of Yowl reviews would your cat give? Tell us about them in the comments!

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