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When the Cat Wakes You Up at 5 a.m., Throw Him a Hedgehog

In this case, the solution to a kitty's demands for cuddles is a hedgehog. Hey, whatever works!

Liz Acosta  |  Oct 19th 2012

When the cat wakes you at 5 a.m., chances are he wants one of three things: for you to feed him, for you to scoop the litter box, or for you to indulge him with endless petting. OK, scratch that: The cat usually wants all three of those things, and he particularly wants you to scratch his head … yes, scratch scratch scratch … no, hiss, don’t stop, keep scratching!

Does your cat do that? When you stop scratching, does she reach out and swipe you with her claws extended? What do cats think we are? Cat-scratching machines? Do they think we exist solely to entertain their every petting whim? Wait, don’t let the cat answer that — we don’t want to know the answer. And a cat wouldn’t sugarcoat it, either. A cat would just look you in the face, yawn, and say, “Meow, you didn’t know I keep you around just to fulfill my needs?”

We’re going to go back to our fantasy land where kitties love us out of the goodness of their hearts.

And where we can take care of kitty’s 5 a.m. cries by throwing him … a hedgehog. We know, you weren’t thinking of getting another pet, let alone a hedgehog, but those quills make a great substitute for your own hand when it’s too early to scratch the cat’s head. Bonus? It’s adorable to watch them cuddle.

Photo: Cat and hedgehog by Shutterstock