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Cat-opoly Is Just Like Monopoly, but with WAY More Cats

Roll the dice for litter boxes and fish bones in this feline board game.

 |  Jan 3rd 2013  |   1 Contribution

Everyone wins when there are cats involved!

"I never play Monopoly with friends."

That's what one particularly perceptive pal told me one day, after eyeing the incomplete board game on my kitchen table. "When you're playing with money -- even fake money -- it always ends in someone flipping the board."

If a similar scene has played out in your household, then maybe it's time to try a game of Cat-opoly instead of Monopoly. Mimicking the play of the classic real-estate game, Cat-opoly is (as you've probably guessed) entirely cat-themed. Game pieces are modeled after favorite cat items, of course, such as a milk bottle, a can of sardines, and a ball of yarn, and instead of playing for houses and hotels, participants try to land as many litter boxes as possible.

I'd like to play as the can of sardines, please!

Appropriately, the "Free Parking" space is "Cat Nip," and Jail is a tub of water. The cards feature different cat breeds, as well as facts about cats.

The purrrfect game for a rainy day inside.

Just one question: when players land in your box, do they pay you to poop?

There's still money involved, but the stakes are considerably lower when you look amongst your friends and realize you're spending a weekend night sitting around a cat-themed board game.

Looks like fun!

Whatever you do, don't ask the cats to play with you -- those guys are such sore losers they've been known to swat pieces across the board!

We totally want it. If you do, too, purchase it here


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