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Anais Mittins Pledges Herself to Henri the Existential Cat — But Will They Ever Meet?

Could it be? A lady friend for Henri, the luxuriously bored kitty of Internet fame? Ah, such sweet ennui!

Liz Acosta  |  Jul 16th 2012

Remember Henri? The adorably depressed cat? Languishing in captivity? Made to suffer fools all around him?

Well he needn’t suffer in solitude any longer, for there is … another.

A perfect match for Henri, Miss Anais Mittins delivers a letter of tormented devotion in this video, where she speaks of all the things she does to try to distract her mind from her yearning for her soul mate — studying literature, chemistry, and string theory (see 0:37 of the video — too cute). Yet none of these intellectual pursuits can quell the heart of this lovelorn kitty.

Her efforts to find Henri out in the streets are in vain, and she returns home from her searches empty-pawed. Such is the anguish of star-crossed kitties who are worlds apart from each other.

And that’s the greatest tragedy … that this kitten love can never be realized. Like Romeo and Juliet, Henri and Anais can never fulfill their deepest desires, for their surrounding worlds are in conflict, and, moreover, Henri can’t figure out how to get through the cat door to meet Anais for a romantic, moonlit stroll.

And so Anais is relegated to writing love letters via the Internet, forced to make YouTube videos because — sigh — cats don’t have thumbs to hold pens.

Via Your Daily Cute