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Meet Maxwell, a Cat with Three Legs and Tiny, Amazing Hats

You won't believe the itty-bitty hats on this adorable cat. Who needs that fourth leg, anyway?

 |  Sep 18th 2013  |   3 Contributions

Adam Ellis is a blogger and an author, but he really didn't come to our attention until he adopted an adorable kitten named Maxwell, who's only got three legs. Ellis doesn't know why Maxwell has only three legs and Maxwell isn't telling, so Ellis assumes he lost one in a fierce encounter with a shark. Checks out.

Ellis has another cat named Pepper, and she's pretty cool, but it's Maxwell who inspired Ellis to construct thoroughly detailed tiny hats out of construction paper (apparently he had a surplus of it lying around). 

But enough of my yammering: Let's hear more about the tiny hats.

Like this amazing Alice in Wonderland hat, which is kind of really meta, since, you know, the Mad Hatter made hats and now Ellis is also a milliner, and we're all mad here, right? Because this is a three-legged cat with a tiny top hat made of construction paper. WHAT?

This is too cute. Look how Pepper looks on in jealousy.

When Maxwell is not busy drinking tea or trying to figure out which piece will make him bigger and which one will make him smaller, he is busy being a Pokemon.

Because: duh.

And there was that one time he did his best impression of Princess Beatrice at the royal wedding. Hey, wait -- Ellis made that thing out of construction paper?

I'm impressed.

It's a little early for Thanksgiving, Maxwell ...

Not yet.

You should know that, Maxwell. After all, you've got your degree.

Maxwell graduated with a degree in ADORABLENESS.

Apparently Ellis made Pepper a Sailor Moon tiara -- and she ate it.

Jealous much, Pepper?

That can't be good for your stomach. Better call a nurse.

"Have some catnip and call me in the morning."

(Apparently Ellis has been out of town recently and Maxwell is bummed that he hasn't had a new hat in a week. I am bummed, too. MAKE THAT CAT SOME HATS.)


All photos via Adam Ellis' website and Instagram

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