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Your Daily Adorable: 10 Photos of Kittens in Cups

Need a pick-me-up? How about a tiny cat in a cup? How about 10 of them?

Dorian Wagner  |  Sep 24th 2012

Would you care for a delightful cup of kitty? It’s a wonderful way to start your morning or the perfect afternoon pick-me-up when you need a little bit of cute to get through the day!

Just a drop of pink nose in my tea, please. Thanks! Photo by the Marin Humane Society.

A cup o’ kitten supervising the work going on. Photo by melaniemorgyn.

The foot. The foot, people. Look at that foot! Photo by DawnLewisImagery.

Okay, so there isn’t actually a cup here, but there is a cup holder … perfect kitty size! Photo by Tess Aquarium.

We’re thinking this is decaffeinated kit-tea in this cup. Photo by buzzbomz.

Nice try, but Wyatt the kitten’s cuteness is immeasurable! Photo by Smeebot.

And the winner of Best in Floof is … Photo by liberty_segway.

Either this is a giant mug or this is the tiniest kitten ever! Photo by LittlePumpkinsPhotography.

Bravo’s excellent performance as a cat cup model. Bravo, Bravo! Photo by Ghost_Bird.

Eeeeeee! That counter must be at least three inches down. Scary! Photo by elycefeliz.

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