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New York, NY 10022


5posted: October 5th, 2009

Central Park is THE place to go for dogs!

I bring Orion to the park every morning. There is a brochure available online at the Central Park Paws website that includes a map of dog-friendly areas in the park. Off-leash hours are 9pm-9am. We generally go over by the Great Lawn, and there are hundreds of dogs throughout the park every morning! You can sit outside at the Loeb Boathouse or Kerbs Boathouse and have a cup of coffee with your canine companion. There is the occasional squabble between dogs (or owners!) but for the most part, the dogs all get along great! It's wonderful to see all the different kinds of dogs that use the park, and learn their "gotcha" stories. The park does not provide pick up bags, but if you find yourself stuck there is always someone willing to give you one. I have made many new friends (and even reconnected with a couple of old friends) since I started bringing Orion as a pup, and so has he!


1posted: April 27th, 2009

Dog Runs

This dog run is not even near Central Park. It may be considered to be a dog run but not in Central Park. If people are going to claim it's beauty, don't claim it to be in Central Park. CP is from 59 Street to 110 Street, from 5th. Ave. to Central Park West. As a kid I lived between 5th. & Mad. Ave. Now as a grown up I live between CPW & Manhattan Ave. but I don't say I live in CP. This dog run is on 51 Street between 1st. & 2nd. Aves. Name it something else.


5posted: December 16th, 2007

I have heard alot of great things about this park.

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5posted: December 8th, 2007

Fantastic place for dogs to socialize and play. Can walk and walk and walk and never get bored. Everyone here seems to like dogs.

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5posted: September 8th, 2007

A Great Place to Take Your Dog

CP has everything from horses (every dog should see atleast one horse), to ducks by the ponds, friendly people to admire your pooch, great smells (according to Charlie). I think there is a certin kind of freedom for a dog when they are in Parks as big as CP, because thry look around and only see grass. Since you can't see the city from the inside od the park, it really is like a trip to the country for your pooch.

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5posted: August 9th, 2007


I love it, its perfect what can I say its just perfect. What are you waiting for? Go I take 2 trains for an hour just to go but its worth it.

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5posted: August 8th, 2007

Dog Park In NYC

If you are looking for a dog fix, this is the place to go...There are dogs, dogs, and more dogs. Every shape and every size.......Alot of New Yorkers but also alot of tourist........Lots to do and see there and your pet will have a pawsome time...........

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5posted: March 2nd, 2007

Best dog park in the world!

Seriously, this may not even count as a dog park, but Central Park is so dog-friendly it ought to count as the largest and best dog park ever. Nearly all 850 acres cater to dogs, albeit a few areas where they ask dogs to stay off of. There are plenty of doggie bags, water fountains, paths, grassy knowls, and other dogs to meet and greet, at any given time should you visit. I highly recommend this park to anyone even considering visiting our wonderful city! I have lived near NYC my whole life and all of my dogs have grown up at that park. The off-leash rules make training so much easier for all the distractions abounding, and it gives your dog freedom to roam, as long as he has a good recall with you! Bring a camera, a sack lunch, and your favorite canine, and you will NOT be disappointed!

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