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7117 77 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T6B0B5
(780) 432-2275


5posted: August 20th, 2008

Great Daycare

My mom brought me to IADL last year when she was going away for a convention. I loved being able to spend my days playing with all of the dogs (and the night sleeping peacefully in my own kennel space). The girls who look after me are really nice- they call me Mr. Max and give me toys and play games. I come to daycare 2-3 times a week and play and play and play. (And on hot days, I can relax in their pool!!) They have good groomers too, so when I'm a dirty dog, they can clean me up. They have really great hours - My mom can drop me off at 6:45am on her way to work (most local daycares open at 7am) and are very responsible. My mom says she is so glad she found It's A Dog's Life... and I am too!


3posted: September 7th, 2007


We did our first agility 'class' there where you got play on the equipment over a 6 week period. There were no other agility classes offered at the time but they did recommend other facilities, like Grand Paws, which have a full set of classes. With their recent move to a larger facility their daycare space is much bigger now and so is class space.


4posted: February 22nd, 2007


Puppy courses were great, and looked like a good set up for agility and flyball training. Staff was great to work with, and small but nice shop in front of building.