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10564 SE Washington Street
Portland, OR 97215


5posted: March 4th, 2007

Dr. Johnson saved my life

My mom found me one sunday afternoon after I cried out when I heard her voice. She took me straight to Dove Lewis...I had no body temperature or blood pressure when we got there, but mom told Dr. Johnson to save me no matter what. 6 cuts later to find a vein for a catheter and 2 blood transfusions I was well enough to go to Dr. Lozier at NW Veterinary where he put an external fixator on my leg. Dr. Johnson visited me there as well as calling my mom to see how my progress was. A year later I visited Dr. Johnson to show him that I was back to normal, minus 1 of my 9 lives and to thank him for saving me !!!!!


5posted: March 2nd, 2007


Feelin' better. Thanks for bein' there on Saturday! I wasn't feelin' so hot and food wasn't tastin' so good. But a week later, My mom & dad are much happier. And I'm a great fan of chicken and rice. ~Truman


5posted: February 28th, 2007

This place is a real life saver! We love the staff!


5posted: February 12th, 2007

Dove Lewis is literally a lifesaver!

I've been here several times, both for me and to keep my late bunny brother Jack company. Dove Lewis Eastside is great. They are open when your regular vet is closed and have caring staff who make you feel better when you are really sick. Some of my doggie friends, and one of my Julie's late cats, had their lives saved by Dove Lewis. (Maybe I did too, I was really sick.) We are so lucky to have Dove Lewis in our town!

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