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5149 Sw 45th Ave
Portland, OR 97221
(503) 244-6286


5posted: March 24th, 2007

BARKs the Mark of a GREAT Groomer!

Satin Dog is a rather simple little spot, tucked into the back of a small local pub in SW Portland, but don't let its location fool you! We were told prior to our experience, to expect a high $$ rate from the Satin Dog. After checking out prices of several other spots, we fell back to calling the Satin Dog because it was a close location to our home. We telephoned a day prior to taking a very matted curly pup with poor grooming in to the Satin Pup. During our initial phone call, We were very pleasantly surprised by both the information and dedication offered by the owner. She explained key points about grooming our breed and told us about the easiest way to prepare our puppy for a great grooming. She offered tools for grooming our dogs at the price of cost to the salon and said she considered it her job to educate owners how to get the best look from their pets. She even met us at the store the same day, while it was closed, to allow us to purchase a detangling brush to use for prep work. The Day of the Grooming was excellent. The groomer told us to arrive any time before 9:30am and they would primp our pet's coat to a pristine condition. When we arrived there were a few other doggies waiting in line and they all seemed happy and were allowed to be playful in their waiting area until it was their turn. We felt this gave the dogs added time to get to feeling at home where they were, and relaxed them. We were told we could expect a call in a few hrs, to pick our pup up. Four Hours later we arrived to find a completely different puppy. He seemed happy, clean and the groomer was able to hide a multitude of past grooming mistakes with their skill. Additionally, the rate was no more than any of the other local groomers. We would recommend "Satin Dog" to all of our pet loving friends!