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10465 6th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98146
(206) 650-2442


5posted: July 15th, 2008



5edited: May 5th, 2008

The best walker ever!

This is my walker Rose and she is the best. My mom doesn't just trust anyone with me. I'm big and can be a hand full, I'm too friendly and I have never really been alone so when my mom travels it's a big deal. With Rose she never worries and knows that she'll takes care of me as if I were her own. It's been over two years now and we could not be happier. I'm still so happy to see her because I know it means I get to go for a walk and hang out with my friends.

posted: December 9th, 2007


5posted: December 5th, 2007

I was well cared for when my mom and dad were out of town and playing with Icarus was fun!