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redwood regional park [view the full listing]

7867 redwood road
oakland, CA 94618


5edited: November 5th, 2007

redwood bowl

LOVE it. i turned to my fellow yelpers for advice when looking for a nice dog-friendly picnic spot. this led me to roberts recreational area. the picnic was fab but we were advised that friendly dogs are only allowed off-leash in undeveloped areas (read : trails and places that have no children). however, the ranger also told us that this is not enforced in the redwood bowl area. we returned a few days later and went directly to redwood bowl. it is such a beautiful spot. daisy loves it there. a few other very friendly dogs & owners, too. such small numbers for such a large space. let's hope it stays like this. a new favorite! pics above.

posted: November 5th, 2007