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Paradise Bay Pet Resort [view the full listing]

6360 s.pecos rd. #14
las vegas, NV 89120
(702) 456-7387


Webcams installed:      
Small dog area:      
Puppy area:      
Transportation & pick up:      
Outdoor play area:      
Dog training available:      
Veterinary supervision:      
Frequency of walks: (per day)

Boarding & Kennels

Private boarding:      
Play area available:      
Outdoor area available:      
24 hour supervised care:      
Veterinary supervision:      
Vaccine restrictions:      
Certified by Pet Care Services Association:      
Rooms vs kennels:
Frequency of walks: (per day)
Age restriction: (in human years!)

Fenced in?:      
Leash Required?:      
Restrooms Nearby?:      
Night Lighting?:      
Trash Cans?:      
Disposal Bags?:      
Water Fountain?:      
Surface type: (Examples: grassy, sandy, rocky, etc)
MON: to
TUE: to
WED: to
THU: to
FRI: to
SAT: to
SUN: to