Gwynett Peebles

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“Dog & Obedience trainer. ”

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1posted: February 28th, 2007

Run as fast as U can!!

This trainer used to work out of ABC Pet Resort & Spas 10 years ago. We don't know if she is still in the Houston area, but if you know of her and are thinking of hiring her to train you, I suggest you run as fast as you can in the opposite direction and find a different trainer!! ASAP!! When I used to spend time at ABC, I witnessed this trainer being extremely mean to animals she was training. She trained them through fear more than positive reinforcement. One time she was witnessed yanking a puppies choke chain so hard to teach him to lay down and stay, that when it was all over with, the puppy had red marks on it's neck from where the choke chain had been yanked very hard repeatedly by Peebles. On another occassion Peebles was having a dogs owner come to the shop to view her progress with their pet and she wanted the dog to have a bath before the owners arrived. Peebles became angry because the bathers had not yet finished drying the dog and the owners were due to arrive at any moment, so Peebles grabbed the dog from a cage and began harshly drying him herself. The dog became frightened by her quick movements and the sound and blower of the dryer and was struggling to pull away from the dryer. Peebles lose all patience with the frightened dog and began yelling at him and striking him about the face and body with the dryer hose. is this really someone you want to train YOU??


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