Marlene Herbst

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Attributes [ edit ]
Mobile grooming:  NoSelf service dog wash:  No
Holistic/natural products available:  NoFlea and tick dips:  Yes
Teeth brushing:  YesHand scissoring:  No
Nail clipping:  YesAnal glands:  Yes
Ear cleaning:  YesHot oil treatment:  Yes

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1posted: February 28th, 2007


This lady is a contract groomer. She used to work at PetCo on FM 1960 in Spring , TX. She seems very nice when you meet her, however, she's not always nice behind the scenes. She is only in it for the money......grooming as many dogs, in as little amount of time, to bring in the money. She displays little patience with older or hyper dogs. One time when she worked at Petco, she left a 14 year old Chow Chow on a grooming table unattended while she brushed out another customers dog. The Chow Chow lost his balance and fell off the table, breaking his leg. My mommy witnessed the dog fall off the table and ran to see about him. She yelled at the groomer to come quick because she thought the dog had a broken leg and Marlene only glanced and said, "He's probably okay." My mommy stayed and consoled the dog who was quietly whimpering. Finally, Marlene came and looked at the dog and as if nothing had happened, she lifted the dog into the tub and proceeded to bathe him and placed him in a cage dryer. Only then did she begin crying that she thought the dogs leg was broken. My mommy was furious that she failed to take immediate action when she first told her the dogs leg was broken. Marlene was not crying because she felt sorry for the dog, she was crying because she knew she would be in trouble. On two other occassions, a dog she was bathing, jumped out of the tub and ran out the grooming area, into the store and out the front door as customers were walking in or out. Store employees had to run through the parking lot to try and catch the loose dog. She never told the owners what had happened. On yet another occassion, she was once onserved being very rough with a dog in the tub who was frightened of the water hose. Rather than showing the animal patience and care, she instead intensified his trauma by yelling and pushing him around. Stay away!! Find a different groomer!!


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