Miss Kitty's Bed and Bath

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4308 Kenilwood Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
(615) 292-1900

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5posted: July 8th, 2009

awesome dog lovers

I board and groom my yorkie at miss kittys all the time. I dont know what these other reviews are talking about because I have been nothing but happy for the last 12 years. Before Molly, I previously brought my last two dogs (pug and bichon) to miss kitty's before they passed away. I have told all my friends and co-workers about them, and everyone has LOVED them and thank me all the time. Rita is actually molly's groomer and it is obvious she is a dog lover through and through. I would never in a million years ever picture her even yelling at a dog, non the less "attacking" a dog over a nail trim lol. the staff is great, they all stop to take the time to make sure molly is happy while i'm out of town. they are just awesome! the manager Chris is really cool, its not hard to tell he really hires some serious dog lovers. He even helped me get my keys out of my car (which I accidentally locked in) for over an hour this poor guy was right by my side.... and he got me in! overall, this place absolutely rocks! they care about the dogs, and do a damn good job proving it! The groomers are magical, i promise. I have seen some pretty messed up dogs coming in while i'm dropping molly off, and when I pick up molly the messy dogs look like models lol. I would never try any other place after finding Miss kitty's 12 years ago.


3posted: February 24th, 2008


Mason, my mini schnauzer, has only been here once. While the employees were wonderful to us and the facility was very clean and nice, Mason's traditional schnauzer cut was not as good as I would have liked. I understand that I am particular but as highly rated as this place is locally, I was expecting a good schnauzer cut.


1posted: February 11th, 2008


Whatever you do - stay away!! We went to get our nails clipped over the weekend & Rita the groomer tried to pick up Rowan (a mastiff puppy) by her head using the gentle leader and drag her across the store. Rowan was terrified & I asked her 4 times to let go of my dog, she obviously wasn't ready for this. Rita told me that she knew what she doing & tried to pull Rowan against her will again!! This time, Rowan flopped over in total protest & Rita pushed her into the counter to get her to submit. Rowan scratched the heck out of Rita's arm (deservedly so) in order to get away & I demanded for the 5th time that she release my dog!!! Her scream from the scratch scared Rowan even further & Rita ran to the back cussing about my dog. Another employee came out & told me that I would do better taking her to a vet to be sedated. I told her we'd do better with a decent groomer!! Rowan has a bruised goose egg on her side courtesy of the groomer that "knows what she is doing!!" Although this was only Rowan's 2nd time @ Miss Kitty's, we've never had issues with our other dogs there. Rita obviously does NOT know what she is doing. I called the manager today to let him know our experience. He acted like it was no big deal - I was appalled!! I think it is a HUGE deal if this is how one of your employees treats your customers (canine or human!!) There are plenty of other great kennels/ grooming facilities in town to waste your money on this one!! STAY AWAY if you don't want your dog to get injured!!!!


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