Riverside Animal Hospital

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Attributes [ edit ]
On site laboratory:  YesInternal medicine:  Yes
Dermatology:  YesAllergy:  Yes
Dentistry:  YesCardiology:  Yes
Geriatric medicine:  YesNutrition counseling:  Yes
Behavioralists/Therapists:  YesPrivate boarding:  Yes
Play area available:  YesOutdoor area available:  Yes
Veterinary supervision:  YesVaccine restrictions:  Yes

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5edited: June 19th, 2008

Great Care

We brought Casey into the Riverside Animal on short notice and they took her right in. She wasn't eating, had a fever and just wasn't herself. The doctor found an absess in her mouth, and treated Casey with antibiotics and pain meds. They also checked her for any other problems. They were very compassionate with her and explained to everything to me that they were doing. She wasn't able to have surgery to remove her teeth because of her age. Casey has been back for her shots and other issues and each time has been a positive experience. The staff were very pleasant and I found the hospital to be very clean. I would recommend Riverside Animal Hospital to other pet owners.

posted: June 19th, 2008


4posted: June 16th, 2008

Saved my dogs life

My puppy became very ill at about 2 months old (in 1998) - the doctors at Riverside Animal Hospital were stumped by her illness. They began treating her the best they knew how while they did research to figure out what was wrong. Through their research they came to the conclusion that Ginger had a disease called "Puppy Strangles" - which they hadn't seen a case of in their career - it was an old disease. They then went into action and literally saved my puppy's life! They were great. Ginger's doing very well now and has never had a re-occurance of the disease. Last year, as an old-timer (she's now almost 10 years old), Ginger tore a ligament in her back leg - once again Riverside Animal Hospital put her back together and now she's running around like a puppy again! I cringe when she runs around because I don't want her to hurt herself again but she's enjoying herself so I let her run for a little while!


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