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“Feline Envy is a group where Feline Admirers & Aficionados come to chat cat! WHAT WILL WE TALK ABOUT? * We will study different breeds of feline. * Who owns whom? Cats vs Humans. * What cats mean to us as humans, as cat participants? * Who are cats? What is a cat? * How did cats come to be so prominent in our lives, in the USA. * What is it about cats that attracts us to them. * The origin of the cat…. When, Where, How and Why….. * From hunter, to pet, to being worshiped. * Why are some breeds of cat revered more than others? * Why are some species of animal revered more than others? * Cat health and welfare... The proper care and feeding of Cats. * Nature vs Nurture. Caring for feral out door cats; are we helping or hindering? * And So Much More!~~ ”

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