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“Agility Equipment on sale: Weave Poles, Adjustable Single Jump, Broad Jump, Tire Jump, Teeter Stand. New Comers AKC Trial Guide. Agility Terms. Agility Course Samples. Agility Titles. AKC Agility Trials Calendar. Scoring. Tips for Novice handler. Photo Gallery. Agility Humor. ”

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5posted: December 6th, 2007

Good quality and cheap price

I bought a few Economy Jumps from this store. I just start agility training with my puppy. We both loved the quality and price is cheap comparing other stores. Also you can take this Jump with you whatever places you go. It light weight and you can put peaces together in minutes. That will train your dog to work for you in unfamiliar surroundings. And you will ROCK and ROLL on future trials.


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