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“FAQs {Q}Where is your shelter and what hours are you open? This is not a shelter. We are a group of volunteers that foster these animals in the PRIVACY of our own homes. {Q} What does PAL stand for? Protect Animal Life {Q} Can I/we volunteer to be a "Pal[s]"? We can always use helping hands. Some people think that because they cannot foster, there would be no place for them in our organization---NOT TRUE!!! We need people with diversified talents for transport, fund raising, poster making, help with adoption promos, yard sales, flea markets, bake sales, making and collecting things for fund raising, etc. Doing in home visits [after training], and several other aspects including grooming, bathing, or helping on adoption day [that's really rewarding!] Of course, we are always in need of people who can groom or have veterinary training. Accounting and legal help are always welcome. {Q} How can I make a donation? Donations are always needed! Please e-mail us and tell us what type of donation you wish to make. e.g. monetary, services, supplies, etc. and we will make arrangements with you. {Q} Is this animal still available? We update our web site daily except Sundays. {Q} When can we come meet/visit/see the animal we are interested in? There is a large volume of e-mail with people wanting to meet animals. ALL our "PALS" have full time jobs and can only accommodate people in spare time which is very limited. Therefore, a pre- screening is necessary to determine if the potential adopter and the potential adoptee would be a good match. We want to make their new home a lifetime home. [Q] Is there an on line application? No. We stopped using an on line application because in many instances, it did not truly represent the potential adopter. Many families have had extenuating circumstances in their lives which do not look good on paper. That does not necessarily mean that they would not make good guardians now. {Q} What information should I give when inquiring? First of all, be sure you tell us your name! Also include your location, history of other pets [past or present], tell us if there are any children to be considered [ages, genders]. We like to know a little about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a pet. Does everyone work/school outside the home? How many hours a day are you gone and what accommodations will be made for said pet during those hours [please be specific!]. Where will this pet sleep? Do you have a fenced yard or do you plan to leash walk? Are you looking for a hiking/jogging companion, playmate for the kids/hubby, TV couch potato friend, watchdog, etc? {Q} Spay/neuter? Adopter must spay/neuter if it has not already been done--MANDATORY!! Also, adopter must supply written proof of said procedure to BE A PAL within 15 days of surgery. There are several low cost spay/neuter programs available. We will give you the info you need for your state/area. {Q}What is the animals temperament/personality? We do an evaluation of the animals temperament during the foster period and we make out pets personality very clear in our descriptions. We do not "fool" with animals that have a vicious propensity toward people or have any history of such behavior! If they do not get along with certain other animals, it will be noted on the description and the potential adopter will be told again during the pre-screening process.. We have no desire to put an animal in a home where someone or some other pet will be hurt!. We will also ask questions about the personality of existing pets. {Q Is this pet good with children? When you inquire, give us the number of children, ages, and genders please and we will be able to advise you on the particular pet. Your children also need to be taught that they should not do anything to an animal that they would not want done to them! It's the good old Golden Rule, "Do unto others, etc. That applies to animals too! {Q} Is this pet *housebroken, altered, UTD on shots, have any health issues? On any given individual web page on any web site, this info is given at the bottom of the page under the description.. If there is a health issue with any of OUR animals, it will be posted as a special needs animal and the "need" will be stated in the description. *Our animals are trained on a schedule of 4 outings a day, or more for puppies.. Being housebroken does NOT mean that you can leave the animal 8, 9 10, etc. hours a day without a chance to relieve itself---do you go that long without a "potty" break? Comfortably!!! {Q} What breed is it mixed with? If we have a good guess, it will be listed as the secondary breed on the web page. If it isn't, all that's evident is the predominant breed. The answer is, "We just rescue them, we don't breed them, and we were not there when the fence was jumped! LOL We are an ALL Breed Rescue and sometimes many of those breeds are all rolled into one little package Our favorite breeds are GOK's---God Only Knows. {Q} What about declawing cats/kittens? If they are already declawed when they come in, so be it. However, if the cat/kitten is not declawed, we do not do it and adopters are not permitted to do it. It is painful, cruel and abusive---even when done with lasers! there are other alternatives of which you will be advised. {Q} Does BE A PAL allow long distance or out of state adoptions? We will consider applications from afar IF we have a coordinate rescue in your area to assist with an in home visit and follow up procedures. {Q} How much is the donation and how is this amount determined? The donation depends on the age, breed and physical condition of the pet. We do give special consideration to those who are seniors and/or disabled. We also give special consideration to those who can open their home and hearts to our pets that are older or have special needs. We do NOT determine any donation by the amount of money we have invested in the particular animal that you are adopting. We may have only spent $50 on one pet and $1,500 on another. Also some pets are with us only a short time and some of our seniors are with us for the rest of their natural lives. Donations go to the good of ALL our animals, not just the one you wish to adopt. ALL MONIES GO TO THE ANIMALS---NO VOLUNTEER TAKES A SALARY! {Q} What is the adoption process? Our adoption process is simple. A basic prescreening of your e-mailed inquiry. A telephone interview [sometimes] and a meet and greet hopefully leading to adoption. There is an in home visit and an adoption contract to be signed. The contract outlines the basic rules for the care we expect to be given to our animals. Any breach of this contract will result in the return of the animal to BE A PAL. {Q} Why was this animal up for adoption? THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE QUESTIONS!!!! 1] PEOPLE buy animals as gifts without consulting the recipient. 2] PEOPLE when researching different breeds to find a breed with the qualities that THEY want, do not take into consideration what lifestyle and circumstance will satisfy the needs of the animal. 3] The thrill of the Christmas puppy that was obtained by PEOPLE has worn off and it's like the rest of the toys! 4] This goes along with # 3. It's time for PEOPLE to think about a summer vacation and the Christmas puppy is an added expense. 5] PEOPLE seem to think that an animal is like their furniture. When you get tired of it, it's disposable. 6] Older PEOPLE tend to want very young pets that will last THEIR lifetime but do not take into consideration that their health expectancy will not necessarily last for the lifetime of the pet. As much as we love our seniors, they must start taking responsibility about making plans for their pet should they not be able to care for it. 7] PEOPLE turn animals in because they are moving, because they don't have time for the dog anymore. These PEOPLE did not plan well. 8] PEOPLE get puppies and do not take the responsibility of properly training and socializing them. That is why there are soooo many young dogs in Pounds, SPCAs, Rescues, etc. Training is a must, especially with large dogs. Without training, all you have is a big unruly dog that is not a welcome addition to your home and family. 9] PEOPLE get animals they cannot afford. There is more to having a pet than providing food, water, and a pat on the head when you have time. They need proper veterinary exams on a yearly basis, flea and tick protection, HW testing and preventive meds, proper training, and of course, you must think of the added expense for the family vacation. YOU can take your pick of one or any combination of these reasons. The reality is that the answer to your question can be answered in one word. By now I think that you know what that one word is! ”

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