Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue

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Dogs:  YesCats:  No
Small dog only:  NoOlder dog only:  No
Volunteer program:  NoFoster homes needed:  No
Sanctuary:  NoFeral cat program:  No
Microchipping:  NoLow-cost vaccine:  No
Pet survivor program:  NoSpay & neuter support:  No
Owner assistance service:  NoPrograms for kids & teens:  No

Breed specific:Return piper

“Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue, Inc. (and Recovery Assistance) is dedicated to helping shelties in need. We also do our best to help any (all breeds) dogs that are lost. This is a purely non-profit effort with support coming from public donations and garage sales. We are incorporated as a non-profit organization. ”

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1edited: May 16th, 2014

Return Piper!

How dare you not return this dog to it's owner! It got away from the petsitter while the owner was out of town! You do not have a right to keep this dog. It does not belong to you! Shame on you and your "rescue". It really shows your "rescues" true colors! The dog is registered to it's owner who you blatantly refuse to return this poor dog too. You are not running a rescue! You are a dog thief! Disgusting! I feel sorry for any dog in your "care". The owner has even posted a show picture and numerous photos of Piper on FB from all angles and you still want to deny that it's not Piper? Pfffft! Down here in Texas it's illegal to keep the dog after proof has been shown. If it was my dog you'd be sued so fast your head would spin and I would get my dog back. I hope she sues you and your rescue group! You need to do the right thing and return this poor dog to it's owner!

posted: May 16th, 2014


1edited: May 16th, 2014

Return Piper - Lost Black & White Female Sheltie

Right after Piper got loose and lost, animal control picked her up on 04/17/2014. Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue is on record as having picked Piper up from the shelter after only 3 days on 04/21/2014. My understanding is that Piper should not have been released from the shelter until after 14 days because Piper is microchipped and pets with identification are required to be kept longer than 3 days. The shelter only tried to call the vet's office from the microchip on Good Friday (04/18/2014) when the vet's office was closed. If the shelter had kept Piper longer as required and called the vet's office again after the holiday weekend, then Piper would already be reunited with her legitimate owners. "Failure to comply with such requirements may expose the shelter to liability for conversion as well as invalidate any transfer of ownership (animallaw.info)." Piper's owners contacted COSR on 04/22/2014 to request Piper's return home, which was over 3 weeks ago, but that has not yet occurred, even after providing proof of ownership. Piper's owners have even offered to have DNA testing done to further identify Piper and support Piper's recorded microchip identification, although Piper's microchip ID is already identification enough. I am sure Piper misses her family as much as they miss her, so please do not extend their grief-stricken separation period any longer. Regardless of what has transpired (good or bad), please make the morally correct decision and reunite lost Piper with her rightful loving owners now, so everyone can start to heal and move forward.

posted: May 15th, 2014

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1posted: May 14th, 2014

Return Piper

Pride is a terrible thing. The longer that you delay in returning a dog to its rightful owner, the worse the entire organization looks. Please return her so that you can return to the task of helping those who truly need it.

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