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Avon - as cat-friendly as they come! This city guide will show you all the best (and worst) places for your pets. Don't forget to add your reviews for the businesses in this ultimate resource.

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P.O. Box 357
Avon, OH 44011
A publication for people with a passion for pups. A bi-monthly magazine of timely articles for the greater Cleveland area dog lover. Free at various locations, or available by subscription.

Veterinarians & Specialists
38391 Chester Rd
Avon, OH 44011
We are fortunate to live in a time when those of us who love cats and dogs have many options for preventing sickness and maintaining a high quality lifestyle for our pets. Today, cats can have laser surgery and even get a cat scan. Dogs regularly go from "he is just not feeling right" to a digital x-ray then an operation to remove bladder stones and recovery in a few days. We enjoy participating with you in the miracle of modern veterinary medicine.

Miracles are wonderful but not cheap. It is cute to picture a cat getting a cat (computed axial tomography) scan. Choosing an ultrasound results in a faster better diagnosis and better care. Modern laboratory tests regularly save lives. We wish everyone could elect to have the best most comprehensive care for their pets every time but we know that the cost of all of these services can run into the thousands of dollars so most people cannot afford these options.

Even more routine services are often unaffordable for some people. Modern veterinary medicine has reached a consensus that most dogs should receive a physical examination each year; initial vaccinations for kennel cough, a distemper parvo combo vaccination and a Rabies vaccination and then regular boosters; an annual heartworm test and heartworm preventative; spay or neuter; periodic dentals and other services as needed. Some practices will recommend or require other services. It is common for people to spend $400 to $600 per year on their dog for maintenance. People generally spend a bit less when caring for their cats.

We proudly offer all of these services and more here or by referral. We want your pet to receive the best of everything available but we are practical people. We differ from other practices in that we offer more choices and respect your choices. If all you want right now is a single vaccination, then you may get a single vaccination. If your pet has worms, then we will treat the worms without requiring you to buy vaccinations. Still if you can afford to, we recommend you have your pet vaccinated, wormed and take advantage of the modern veterinary services available to you.

Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services

Many smart people have diligently dedicated their careers to making good veterinary medicine affordable. People occasionally ask how we can afford to spay a cat for $50 when others charge so much more. The answer is simple.

We carefully copied a low cost spay and neuter model perfected over the last 20 years; we offer a no frills service and we don't require you to buy anything else to get your cat spayed. You are welcome to add a private presurgical consultation with a veterinarian, laboratory tests and other services which increases the cost but the cost still remains competitive.

It may seem obvious but perhaps we should mention that all of our surgeries are done by licensed veterinarians. A veterinarian examines pets which are safe to handle. These pets receive a physical examination before the pet receives anesthesia. Feral or fractious pets are given a low dose of drugs and examined after the pet calms down. We also use a fresh sterile surgical pack in a clean surgery room and monitor every pet while under anesthesia from induction through recovery.

Traditional Veterinary Services

We offer traditional office calls with private veterinary visits and all the normal veterinary services by appointment. An office call offers you the chance to discuss your pet, share your observations or concerns and ask your questions in a more leisurely environment.

Laser Cat Declawing

We offer laser cat declawing for those people who choose to declaw their cat. While we don't believe that you should get your cat declawed just because Aunt Millie got hers declawed, but if are considering declawing your cat we believe that laser declawing offer significant advantages over other methods.

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