Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester NY (DOTCORNY)

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“The Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester NY, Inc. was established in 1971 as an AKC obedience club. We are an organization whose members train dogs for hobby, sport and competition. We offer training classes to the public. Our goal is to teach you how to train your dog. Modern methods are used to make training a satisfying, rewarding experience. Our Classes are taught, by members of our club, who are experienced in both training dogs and teaching people. Our class trainers have successfully shown their own dogs to obedience, rally, agility, tracking, and flyball titles in various venues, as well as CGC/TDI certifications. The Dog Obedience Training Club of Rochester NY (DOTCORNY) is dedicated to helping promote responsible dog ownership in the Rochester NY area. ”

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1posted: February 17th, 2010

Too distracting

The classes are held in a big room where there are other classes going on at the same time. It could be a puppy class or a beginers class, eather way it was hard to hard to hear with the air system going and the other dogs barking, people talking ect. Personally I would rather see or go to a obedience class that isn't as distracting and would tell others as well especially for classes at $90+ for the class.


4posted: August 4th, 2008

Skool is fun!

I liked when mom took me here for classes. I wasn't always very interested in doing the lessons but it had LOTS of great smells. The people were always very nice to me...esp. Jodi P.! I hope mom takes me back sometime...she said we'd take a tracking class when I matured (whatever that means).


5posted: February 8th, 2008

Full service training center

My human and i have taken a number of obiedience and rally classes here. If you are looking for a barken good time and learn a trick or two or you want your human to get serious with Rally training, therapy dog training, agility courses or obeience classes this is the place to be. It in doors climate controled the classes are small and it wont set you back to many bisckets. A great place to learn the basics or really discover what your human can do. They have been in the doggy biz for well over 36 year.. Woof! Hope to see you there.. I'll be the hotty with the blue eyes! Happy barking drummer


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