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Attributes [ edit ]
Mobile grooming:  NoSelf service dog wash:  No
Holistic/natural products available:  NoFlea and tick dips:  Yes
Teeth brushing:  YesHand scissoring:  Yes
Nail clipping:  YesAnal glands:  Yes
Ear cleaning:  YesHot oil treatment:  No

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5posted: February 19th, 2010

Do your research

Silverado Puppies has breeders, not puppy mills. You can view their website and get information and pictures of all the breeds you can order. As far as the Weimeriner lady goes, any warranty on any dog is only a year- state law. Anything that happens to it after that is in the care of the owner. Just like with people, you never know what will develop when a dog ages. On top of that, its their dog to do with as they please, we cant tell them how to raise their puppies.


1edited: October 14th, 2009

Not a pleasent experience...

I have gotten two weimaraners from this place. They have both recently been diagnosed with incurable diseases that are not prone to the breed. One has had epilepsy, skin, and stomach problems since the age of 1 year. My other Weim was just diagnosed with spondylosis at the age of three. I want this place shut down. I spoke with the breeder, Leah Green on the phone and she told me about the 75 or so dogs she has kenneled...(puppy mill? I think so) I also would like help with the medical bills I have incurred and will continue to. If you have had any of the same problems, please let me know and we can get this resolved together. (702)219-6447 Samantha

posted: October 14th, 2009


1posted: April 7th, 2008


No? Any store that sells puppies / kittens they get them from a commerical breeder which is a PUPPYMILL. They can claim all they want that they are " purebred" etc. but they still are puppymill dogs.


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