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1posted: June 1st, 2011

Stay away!

I will never go to this place again. And i have warned everyone i know to stay away. We went there to get a free class for 1 hour that was supposed to be "Free" so when we where told by the man Bill that it was no longer free and we could get a class for an hour after we sign up he would do that for us. So we paid like 300 bucks up front and got a lease and a training collar. And he did the class and everything and was very slick about everything. And said everything we wanted to hear while signing up and asking questions. And asked about if we where not happy how would it work? And he told us we would get our money back and there would be no issues and that they stand by what they offer. And even said that one lady who was there for a month or so of class's got all her money back... So the next day i just didnt feel right about everything. Because he was so friendly before we signed up and after we signed up and paid up front and give him our credit card to bill next month for the rest of the money that was it. He was nasty and short and just didnt care. And when i checked into the "free" 1 hour class. It was still being offered. I called and talked to someone else. And had a friend call bill about it. And he was like. Yup we sure do have a 1 hour free class come on down. Free no string's attached! So after that i was pissed and as soon as he found out i wanted my money back. He lied again. And said "Oh well i am only in charge of sales. I dont own the place or anything like that. They just hired me to sell class's and stuff. And i dont have any pull around here. But call me back next week and i will see what they people that own the place say about giving you your money back. So did that and called back a week later. He got pissy and said. Oh i forgot to check and ask about that. Call back next week. So i called back half a week later and he flipped out and said i told you to call back a week later!. So i checked and guess what? Bill is the founder of K9 and is also a CEO. So not own does he own the place he is the leader with his wife!. So after that he stated never answering my phone call's. Never returning my voice mails. And when he would pick up by mistake he would say. "Damn its him" and hang up. So i called from a friends phone. And he picked up. And noticed it was me and hung up right after he heard my name. So i contacted his wife and the office and his cell and the office phone about 50 times. And no call back's. So i called my bank because he tried to charge the other 400 bucks before we even agreed to. (He figured he should get the money while he could) so i did a stop payment and a stop payment on both charges and got all my money back. So only after the bank told him i got all my money back (Minus the 30 dollar's for the collar and leash) he started calling my phone blowing it up leaving nasty voice mails and threats and so and so on. So do your self a favor! Stay away! do not go here. There is a reason why its only 700 bucks and they have a free class. Its a con to try and suck you in and get your money. Because thats all that matters. Your hard earned money!


1posted: October 3rd, 2010


I dont and never will recommend. 2007-2008 I was looking for a local trainer just to keep up with obedience. I thought it was the right place but I was so wrong. Its located by a Junk yard and Taxi Co. It felt like they treat dogs, just like a dog, a beast that is meant to be dominated and broken. I dont like the practices. My dog was physically injured do to the aggressive correction. missing hair, puncture marks on her throat. My girl wasn't a hard head. she was sweet, loving. after that she became aggressive towards men. She has passed away last yr at 3 yo on from a heart condition. I have another baby girl I have found the perfect trainer for me and for us.


5posted: August 7th, 2007

K9 Training Center

I was a handful to train and although my Mom thought she knew what she was doing 10 years ago with Samson I came along and changed everything. So she went to K9 Koncepts and I'm a good dog now. It was tough at first cause Mom had to unlearn some bad habits she had but I'm a good dog now and I know German commands as well as AKC so I guess you can say it was all worth it. I must have worked on COME for months cause when she would say come I split! I didn't know what that meant and no leash meant I was FREE! Not so now when she says COME I come running cause there is something in it for me! We trained rain, snow, day and night in all sorts of conditions and I think my Mom has it down now. K9 Koncepts is def. my pack. Elsewhere I am still very dog aggressive but hey I don't live close but if I ever wanted to I'd be welcome there anytime. My hats off to all the trainers at K9 Koncepts who put up with a floppy ear German Shepherd like me! As for my Mom she's a doll!


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