E.P. Tom Sawyer Dog Park

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Fenced in:  Yes

Size:4 acres

“Sawyer Dog Park is located in the northeast corner of the park property across Freys Hill Road from the main park entrance. The park spans across four acres and is divided into two two-acre areas: one for small dogs (dogs under 30 pounds) and one for all dogs. Parking is available because this area used to be the radio control airfield. Another great quality of the site is the number of trees that are growing throughout the area that provide some shade during the hot summer months. An official Dog Park Permit from the LDRA is required to use the area. See website for more details.”

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4posted: June 20th, 2007

People park

I havent been in the dog park, so I just go for walks and runs in the people park. I love it. There are wide open areas where my owner can take off and i can catch him. My owner takes me there on a retractable leash so i get alot of running time since I need to be on a leash. This park is great, they leave doggy bags around so we dont leave are messes on the ground. alot of resting places. only bad thing is no water foutains or anything like that for me to get a sip out of, but its a great park, I love it and go at least 3 times a week.


5posted: February 27th, 2007

Ahhhh I love this place

I met so many nice buddies when I was a member here. Hours and hours of frolicking with the guys while Mom watched and followed me around. It is just the kewlest thing since , wow, my tail I believe. Everybody played well with others, most of the time, every now and then somebody would stick their nose in the wrong place, but that was to be expected when the membership started getting larger. It is well worth the money. I just have not been back since Mom & Dad put a fence up for me at home, and since I got my new brother...he is very snippy and would not be welcome until he learns manners...


4posted: February 22nd, 2007

We have not participated in the dog park yet, but we would love to! The "people park" is a very nice place to walk dogs as it is clean and expansive. SO many nooks to explore at this park. My only complaint is that sometimes dogs are off leash, especially on the wooded nature trails. It's unnerving for both people and other dogs to turn a corner on the trails and almost smack into a dog who's owner doesn't show up until half a minute later. Out in the open areas of the park, some dogs are sometimes offleash but that has not posed a problem to us yet, and we see many more leashed dogs than not. We just stick off of the trails because our experiences have not been very good on them! If you have a sociable, unflappable dog, I bet you'd be fine. :)


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