Burnham Park Animal Hospital

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1025 S State St
Chicago, IL 60605
(312) 663-9200

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1posted: March 9th, 2010


You have to give 1 star to post....but they are not even worthy of 1 star!!!!For those of you like me, that think of your pets as your children, my experience with the staff at BPAH should deter you from ever patronizing! I have been paying their exorbitant fees & tolerating the nasty front desk staff since 1998!! Yesterday my dog suffered what I now know was a seizure. My dog has never been sick so imagine the fear that overtook me to find my dog convulsing, incoherent & unable to stand. I rushed out of my house carrying my limp & what I thought dying dog to arrive at my car to realize in my haste, I didn't have my keys!!! I jump into a cab, passing the dog clinic located on my block, to get to the place 10 blocks away that have known my dog since 1998! I called on the way to alert the vets of my crisis. Upon my arrival, the nasty receptionist says, you owe us from a previous visit. Shortly after visiting in January, my wallet was stolen which held my checkbook. I closed the account prior to their check clearing. I received one email and I thought my husband handled and he thought I handled.....clearly an over-site. But whatever, I'll handle it....we have a crisis NOW! They refused treatment and told me to go to the cash station on the corner. I ran to find it was out of order. I then jump in a cab, went home to retrieve my car keys, drive to the bank and arrive with the money....30 minutes later. The rude receptionist then says, there were fees leaving me $60 short. I said I would write a check or bring back cash....can we look at my dog? They refused and suggested I go somewhere else. WTF!!! Again I've been a client since 1998 and I have 2 dogs!!! I have always paid upon receiving treatment and I have recommended several clients....I'm a wonderful and loyal client and they turned me away with an extremely sick dog for $60 & the explanation of "its just our policy"!!!! I frantically drove to the clinic I passed & upon seeing the distress of both myself & my pet, the doctor took me in right way and began to access my dog. No discussion of money just how he could care for my pet. I am shocked and discussed with the lack of treatment, concern & care I received at BPAH. When I needed them the most, they weren't there!!! South Loop Animal Hospital has won my affection. They took excellent care of both me & my pet. The fees were fair and it was extremely clean & professional. They even called to make sure we were both ok today. I will NEVER trust BPAH again ....they just don't freakin' care!!! NEVER TRUST YOUR LOVING PETS TO THIS CARELESS...AND I DO MEAN THEY COULD CARE LESS PLACE!!!! Lastly, let me be specific....my dog walker, turned manager of the place Eric (all of 12 yrs of age (being facetious ) should be ashamed!! He was very callous! BTW They have never called to see if my dog was alive or dead.


1posted: September 9th, 2007


they don't care. i brought my old dog to them because she was not eating and was acting funny. "dr. b" told me she was just a picky eater ... (at 4 years old?!?!?!) ... i had to bring her in a total of 5 times in a month because i knew something was NOT right ... he just kept giving me "gravy" and other stupid things to put in her food to make her eat it. one day i just could not take it and brought my dog back to my hometown vet for a second opinoin. all they had to do was feel her ... they were concerned, took an exray and saw cancer all over her body. i had to put her down the next day. i guess i never learn ... i got a new dog ... and since i did not have a car ... i took her there for just shots and such ... making sure i would just see a different doc. well, she just came down with multiple UTI's and i have been pissed off at their care ... i have to find another vet, pronto. just don't go .. i hear nothing but horror stories in the neighborhood about this place.


1posted: June 25th, 2007

$500 Misdiagnosis

Fraud. In one word, that is this Dr. Bruederle's ("Dr. B") style. I brought my 2 year old small dog in because she was screaming everytime I touched her paw. The doctor charged me $500, put a cast on her foot and sent us off on our way. (I never received a diagnosis when I picked her up, and they forgot to give me the pain medicine's so I had to leave work early one night to go back to pick those up.) I then found out later that SHE NEVER HAD A BROKEN FOOT! The poor thing was stuck in a cast for weeks when she had just pulled out her toe nail. When I called later, the vet agreed that he "missed" that in the x-rays and doesn't remember counting the toe nails. Did I get a refund for the $500? Absolutely not. He fraudulently charged me $500 for a pulled out toe nail, which 6 other vet's offices told me could've been cured with some soap and water and an anti-biotic. If you'd like a misdiagnosis to up-charge you a few hundred $$$, certainly try out this vet.


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