Hillsborough County Animal Services

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“A very well run Animal Control.”

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3posted: February 26th, 2007

We've adopted three animals from this shelter - Sampson, Norah, and Desi. Norah and Desi both contracted FIP and had to be euthanized, despite being indoor-only cats. This is something that was probably picked up during their stay at this shelter, and despite the rarity of the disease, it was the third case we have personally heard of that occured to a cat from this shelter. Therefore, I would not recommend adopting a young cat (under two) from this shelter unless the risk of FIP wants to be taken. When our vet contacted them after Norah died, she told them what needed to be done to kill the virus, and apparently, after Desi's death, they did not take precautions to do so. However, their conditions are superior to other shelters that we have seen, and I most likely will adopt another dog or older cat from them in the future. Their staff is also very friendly and caring, and was happy to provide background information and their observations about the animals and their personalities.


5posted: February 23rd, 2007

Very Nice

I have never been to an Animal Control that was cleaner nor better run. Everyone was nice and caring of the critters and the people that were there.


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