San Pablo Animal Hospital Pa

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Attributes [ edit ]
On site laboratory:  YesInternal medicine:  Yes
Oncology:  NoChemotherapy:  No
Opthalmology:  YesDermatology:  Yes
Allergy:  YesDentistry:  Yes
Holistic services:  NoCardiology:  Yes
Geriatric medicine:  YesReproductive medicine:  Yes
Nutrition counseling:  YesAcupuncture:  No
Behavioralists/Therapists:  YesMobile grooming:  No
Self service dog wash:  NoHolistic/natural products available:  No
Flea and tick dips:  YesTeeth brushing:  Yes
Hand scissoring:  YesNail clipping:  Yes
Anal glands:  YesEar cleaning:  Yes
Hot oil treatment:  NoPrivate boarding:  Yes
Outdoor area available:  YesVeterinary supervision:  Yes
Vaccine restrictions:  Yes

Frequency of walks:3

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1posted: July 8th, 2011


If you like to wait 30 minutes when no-one is there for a 5 minute exam, and you like to be over charged for services, this is the place for you. I was even charged $22 for a replacement license that only costs $6!! over $50 for a heartworm test, and $80 for an exam! As a former Vet Tech, I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone!


1posted: September 22nd, 2010

Take the word "Hospital" out of San Pablo Animal Hospital

San Pablo Animal hospital is neither a hospital, provider of appropriate diagnostic practices or equipment. I have lost two dogs who died because of bad decision making on the part of San Pablo Animal Hospital Vets. Mandy was brought in because she had no energy and was found to have a RBC of 16 (Monday). I was told to bring her back in two days. Then she had a RBC of 12, and I was told again to bring her back in two days (Wednesday). I did and it was at 9 (Friday). Then the vet recommended bringing her to the South Side Animal hospital. After that weekend inpatient she had a 26, and was started on Prednisone. We brought her in for a checkup and after complaining about her bloated tummy the vet dismissed it as water bloat and didn’t physically assess her. A couple weeks later she started getting much worse and we brought her to the vet because we were really worried. Sure they squeezed us in, but the other vet admitted that she didn’t have the right labs in the chart to be able to compare results because of the meds. We were told to bring her to the ER (second time). Mandy died later that night of a severe abdominal infection at the Beach Blvd. Animal ER near San Pablo Rd. Bailey was found to have an undiagnosed stomach tumor after a year of GI symptoms. It wasn’t until he stopped eating that San Pablo thought about an endoscopy. I decided to bring Coastal Animal Hospital into the mix. Dr. Bissell was on top of everything. A week later Bailey stopped letting us feed him baby food and let us know it was time. We euthanized Bailey with Dr. Bissell’s help and can’t thank them enough for their medical approach and providing such a wonderful process for Bailey to leave us.


5edited: August 19th, 2007

Great Vet

We have used the San Pablo Animal Hospital since moving here two years ago. They are great vets!! You can tell the people who work there geuinely love animals. The vets are both somewhat quiet but will answer any questions you have. I guess I mean they just don't talk as much as ME!!! They can ALWAYS squeeze you in and their prices are reasonable I have sent several of my friends and they are glad they switched!! Also, if you ask, you can go with your dog to the back...I'm with the other reviewer and I like to be with my babies at ALL times :) Would definately recommend to anyone looking for a Vet or someone not pleased with their Current Vet

posted: August 19th, 2007


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