Baywood Animal Hospital

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10843 Philips Hwy
Jacksonville, FL 32256
(904) 262-1986

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1posted: July 10th, 2009

Do not leave your dog here!! It's Cheap, but you get POOR care.

Within 20 minutes of my 1st walk in, I became appauled. The manner in which my Dog's temperature was taken was unacceptable! A receptionist who was appeared to be under the influence of a stimulant was on the floor while taking my dog's temperature with one hand and talking on the telephone and holding it with a twisted cord in the other hand. This was a multi-tasking mess and accident waiting to happen. I was appauled. During the 5th week of healing of my dog’s broken toe, David Cromer applied a lighter tape and bandage on my dogs foot. My dog’s toes were not exposed whatsoever. I could not tell if the bandage was too tight, if my dog’s toes were cold or warm or if there was any inflammation in the paw. Before leaving the vet, I voiced my dissatisfaction and requested that they leave some toes exposed (Just like the original splint that was on her for 4 weeks was done). Cromer said No and gave me a look like he knew better than I did and that his work was done. I had a gut wrenching feeling this wasn’t right. So, I returned the next morning because my dog was licking it a lot and chewing the bandage at the top. Cromer looked at it and nodded his approval and told me to leave that it was fine. Still uncomfortable with the cheap, poorly wrapped bandage, I took her to another vet to get a second opinion. The vet stayed past closing hours to remove Gigi’s poorly wrapped bandage. My dogs toes were bound too tight and her long toenails pressing hard against the tape. Moisture from the licking was at the bottom of the paw and infection would have quickly set in if that bandage was not quickly removed. We kept the dog bandage-less and confined overnight and I brought her back to the new vet at 7AM (On that vet’s day off) to re-bandage. This time, I got to watch as she carefully re-wrapped the paw and left her toes out so that she could be safe and comfortable. When I brought my $80 new vet bill to Cromer and asked for a $13.50 refund, Donna and the vet both said NO. Donna barked at me “Do You Know How Many Free Check Ups We Gave You?” I replied I would have rather PAID and gotten GOOD CARE than get POOR CARE for FREE. Donna has very poor customer service skills and it looks like she’s been running the place for too long and everyone thinks they’re dependant on her. Other vet offices and clients have expressed to me their dissatisfaction with Donna moreso than their dissatisfaction with Cromer. Lastly, Donna yelled from another room to me to STAY PUT if I wanted my dog to get a heartworm test that she needed. I didn’t have an appointment and she was rushing to get the doctor ready for a surgery. I said I could come back later and would call. She barked that I stay put again. Then I heard the dog in crying agony for 5 straight minutes before surgery. If that dog owner was there, their heart would break. I ask myself WHY would a dog that didn’t arrive howling in agony to the vet suddenly be HOWLING before a procedure? Didn’t that dog get anesthesia and gentle care before the surgery began? I loudly said "IM LEAVING" and left in tears and feeling powerless, helpless and defeated. By the way, she also was mistaken about my dog’s heartworm test. The records I brought her showed Gigi was due for a test in October 09 and it was only July. Did I mention that one of the x-rays I paid $125 for DIDN’T EVEN SHOW THE BONE THAT MY DOG BROKE?” What is that all about? It’s like Xraying an ARM when a FOOT is broken! Unbelievable. Since this vet was unwilling to give me a $13.50 refund for all of this mis-management and poor bandage, I have no choice but to got onto every single public animal rights and veterinary forum and post exactly this letter. If you love your animal, you will not go to Baywood Animal Hospital in Jacksonville.


5posted: February 22nd, 2007

The best vet!

When we moved back to Jacksonville my mom and dad were desperate to find a good vet to help me with my skin allergies. I always had rashes and several vets treated it like it was no big deal. When I met Dr. Cromer, I knew he was the best! He told my mom and dad he had boston terriers growing up and know all about our allergies. We are so lucky to have found such a wonderful vet!


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