Clinique Veterinaire Lasalle

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On site laboratory:  YesInternal medicine:  Yes
Oncology:  YesChemotherapy:  Yes
Opthalmology:  YesDermatology:  Yes
Allergy:  YesDentistry:  Yes
Holistic services:  NoCardiology:  Yes
Physical therapy:  YesGeriatric medicine:  Yes
Reproductive medicine:  YesNutrition counseling:  Yes
Acupuncture:  NoBehavioralists/Therapists:  No
Private boarding:  YesVeterinary supervision:  Yes

“"Notre mission est d'offrir à votre animal des soins de qualité supérieure. Vous donner l'information pour donner à votre animal une médecine préventive de qualité." - Radiographie / Radiography - Laboratoire / Laboratory - Prise de pression (doppler) / Ultrasound (Doppler) - Dentisterie / Dentistry - Service de pension / Boarding - Toilettage / Grooming - Médecine préventive / Preventative medicine - Animaux exotiques / Exotic animals ”

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5edited: November 28th, 2008

Clinique Vétérinaire LaSalle

Expensive, but isn't your pet worth it? Brought in my 12 yr old cat, Tabitha after noticing some odd behaviour. They gave her a complete check-up and diagnosis. We discovered she had abscess on her gums. After taking a blood sample (to check for kidney and thyroid infections), she was given antibiotics and scheduled for surgery and a general teeth cleaning the next day. The veterinarians that work at this clinique are highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and empathetic. The clinique itself is bright, airy, spacious and clean, with plenty of books and magazines in the waiting area, and a wide, flat-screen monitor that displays information about their services and cats and dogs in general. The clinique is very active in the community (serving LaSalle and Verdun) by offering free workshops on things such as nail clipping, cleaning ears, how to read and choose pet food (both commerical and specialized), seminars on fleas and parasites, and even teeth cleaning demonstrations. This clinique has undergone extensive renovations since it was bought from the previous owner (and veterinarian) Dr. Charles Danton in 1998. It is now a bigger and better clinic than it ever was, with all the latest equipment for diagnosis and treatment of our beloved and cherished pets. Warning: their services are not cheap, and be prepared to fork over a rather extravagant sum, but overall, I would not hesitate to return. Website:

posted: February 2nd, 2008

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