Brandy's Holistic Centre & Canine Café

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“Brandy's is a boutique and café offering holistic food products, treats and accessories for canines and felines, and serves pet owners and animal lovers alike within the Plateau Mont-Royal borough of Montreal. Brandy's is a place of gathering for humans and their animal friends - where one can sit and relax while still allowing their pet to have some fun and socialize. Brandys' mission is to provide customers with the information and tools (in the form of products) that they need to enable their pet to have a longer, healthier life.””

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5posted: February 12th, 2008

The best place in town to take your dog. I'm a regular customer and love to take my pup Shelby there. She loves to play with the in-store dog Bu while I have a coffee and chat with the owner Jenny Sousa. She has a great selection of food, treats and toys as well


4posted: February 24th, 2007

Holistic Centre and Canine Cafe

Hi, I visited this place on Saturday Feb.24, 2007 and its been 3 months opened. I found all I was lookink for in Natural food and treats. The owner is fabulous and sweet and helps you out into anything you need. She will be getting new stuff in shortly, but for what she has now, its fantastic. You can bring in yours dog and sit down to have a coffee and read if you please. Wonderful place to visit.


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