All Animals Emergency Hospital

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1333 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 566-0531

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Veterinarians & Specialists, Emergency Services

Attributes [ edit ]
On site laboratory:  NoInternal medicine:  Yes
Oncology:  NoChemotherapy:  No
Opthalmology:  NoDermatology:  No
Allergy:  NoDentistry:  No
Holistic services:  NoCardiology:  No
Physical therapy:  NoGeriatric medicine:  No
Reproductive medicine:  NoNutrition counseling:  No
Acupuncture:  NoBehavioralists/Therapists:  No
24 hour care:  YesIntensive care unit (ICU):  Yes
Emergency surgical services:  Yes

“Emergency pet hospital.”

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5edited: February 21st, 2011

I was sick...

They made me A-OK!

posted: October 8th, 2007


4posted: March 19th, 2007

When your regular vet is closed....

Thank goodness for All Animals Emergency Hospital! ZiggyJ hadn't even been with us for 72 full hours when we had to make an emergency trip to the vet last night (Sunday). Our regular vet saw ZiggyJ the day after he arrived - he has a small umbilical hernia that we were aware of but knew it was something that could be repaired when he is neutered. What we did not know is these things can change in size with physical activity. After a day of hard play Sunday evening, ZiggyJ's abdomen had a mushy bubble the size of a lima bean where barely a pea-sized spot had been before. In 2003 we took Buddy (our Great PyreneesX - decd 2004) with dehydration after a bout of vomiting from vestibular disease, they did only what was necessary to make him well until we could see our regular vet. I like that they did not go over the top with treatment. My only complaint is what we went through in 2002, when we took a dog in that was in respiratory failure at 3am on a Sunday night. The dog had bloody fluid in her lungs. Possible diagnosis was a tumor or CHF. Our choices were to wait and take her to our regular vet when they opened several hours later or euthanize her. She seemed to be suffering so much that we chose the latter. Being my first experience with euthanasia, I did not know we could have had her sedated first, then have the pink stuff pushed. They gave her both at the same time and the experience was traumatic for us and the dog. Knowing what I know now, I would have asked for palliative care and taken her to my own vet later. I don't blame the establishment for this as much as I do the doctor we had to see that night. Her first words before examining the dog were something about nobody wakes her up at 3am unless it's something really bad. (duh, it's an emergency hospital) They took really good care of us last night and the doctor was very thorough in explaining the umbilical hernia and what to watch for if it were to become an emergent situation and really put my mind at ease. Being the only game in town on a Sunday night, they were quite busy but the wait was worth the piece of mind -- as was the $79 exam fee.


5edited: March 14th, 2007

Mmmmm.... Activated charcoal

These folks were awesome when Silas broke into a roommate's backpack and scarfed down 3-4 lbs of chocolate one New Year's Eve. They provided attentive, appropriate care and a happy ending. Can't ask for more!

posted: March 14th, 2007


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