Noe Valley Pet Company

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Individual walks:  YesTransportation:  Yes
Dog supplies:  YesCat supplies:  Yes
Raw food:  YesOrganic food:  Yes
Fashion & accessories:  YesPetID tags:  Yes

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5posted: August 30th, 2007

Plush Full-Service

Here is one of those rare places that seems to stick in your head. This is probably one of the best full-service pet shops I've been to. Super-clean, friendly, great selection of stuff. Higher-end as well. Worth the trip!


5posted: August 27th, 2007

I Love It!

I'm lucky enough to live on the same block as this store. I always head in its direction when I go out for a walk. I love their treats, especially the rawhide doughnuts. The guys who work there are very nice and let me sniff everything to decide what I want. (I know better than to grab anything!) It's expensive, and they're out of my Nutro Senior food sometimes, but I still love it!


5posted: August 22nd, 2007

They Sell Doggie Crack here....

my parents and I were out and about in an unfamilar neighborhood and low and behold we came across this cool pet store that sells the most delicious crack you've very eaten in your whole entire life....Tilapia Jerky it's yummilicious, I guarantee you you'll be hooked on the stuff in no time! Oh yeah great assortment of pet supplies and a friendly staff make for a fun time!


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