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Attributes [ edit ]
Webcams installed:  YesTransportation & pick up:  Yes
Outdoor play area:  YesDog training available:  No
Veterinary supervision:  NoMobile grooming:  No
Self service dog wash:  NoHolistic/natural products available:  Yes
Flea and tick dips:  YesTeeth brushing:  Yes
Hand scissoring:  YesNail clipping:  Yes
Anal glands:  YesEar cleaning:  Yes
Hot oil treatment:  NoPrivate boarding:  Yes
Play area available:  YesOutdoor area available:  Yes
24 hour supervised care:  YesVeterinary supervision:  No
Vaccine restrictions:  YesCertified by Pet Care Services Association:  Yes

Frequency of walks:Two 45 min to an hour play groups per day, then extra walks you have to pay for
Age restriction:No age restriction

“Your pets are our guests. Our guests enjoy every moment of their stay with us. From comfortable rooms, to individual attention, to playing with other guests and making new friends, we care. Our extensively trained staff caters to our guests every need, and ensures their health and safety. Wag Hotels: Personalized care by trained professionals ”

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5edited: April 1st, 2008

Please don't complain to me =)

Hey all and sorry if you've had not the greatest time at Wag. I got hired a couple months ago as a dog bather and I've been working with dogs since I was 13. (rescues and rescuing, pet stores, volunteering, training, walking, pet sitting) The hotel has been making some changes from the last year. They have fired quite a lot of people and hired many more better qualified, polite people since then. The pictures that you now see online of the rooms are actually situated at the Sacramento facility. Wag is trying to get that changed since it doesn't represent what the SF facility looks like. Please do come on in and take a tour before thinking of boarding your dog or cat. I recommend that for anyone thinking of boarding their animal ANYWHERE. It is always a good idea. I do not know what was happening before I came but we do now have classical music piped through the rooms and if it isn't classical then it is a light form of music. In the luxury suites we did have pictures up and other nice kitschy things but the dogs liked ripping them/ knocking them over and down so much that it was decided that it was not safe and having the nice beds and extra bedding, space, TV (right now playing Lady and the Tramp), and the web cam were enough for now. When making a reservation though, make sure that you are speaking to someone in the SF facility. For some reason some guests owners have only spoken to the reps down in Sacramento so always ask and then ask to be transferred to SF no matter what. You'll get your questions answered much better. Wag can be expensive. They have lowered their rates though in the past month. The only time I have ever heard of there being a waiting list to get in is over Christmas break or other popular holidays... and that is the same for any boarding facility. You cannot complain about that. I couldn't get my dogs in over Spring Break, and I work there! It happens. My dogs love it there. Ali loves Day Care and the people that work it. Jazz isn't neutered so he sticks with me or he goes into Day Stay and the staff walk him a couple times during the day. The reason that unneutered dogs male dogs cannot be with the playgroups or day care isn't because they themselves are mean, its because a lot of people have found out, myself included, that there are a large amount of neutered dogs that do not get along with unneutered male dogs. My dog is sweet to all dogs off leash but he's been attacked a few times and I've spoken to other owners of the most sweetest unneutered dogs and a lot have had the same problem. Plus, there is always that chance that the unneutered male will try to have relations with an non-spayed female with disastrous results. Non-spayed females are allowed in playgroups etc as long as they are not in heat. Females in heat usually make a lot of trouble with the male dogs and fights ensue, neutered or not. If anyone has been told the opposite its wrong. At this point I don't remember the other complaints written so I'll end my little spiel here. Oh, btw the floors are coated with a polyurethane coating for easy cleanup. The colours are for the staff to easily know what part of the building the dogs are housed (red, teal, brown, yellow, green and orange) and it makes the play areas look a little brighter with the green colour. All the dogs understand the first time that that area is a good place to eliminate. I've never heard of any complaints that the dogs suddenly loose the knowledge of potty training after staying at wag and if they do, then the dog wasn't really potty trained in the beginning. I personally hope to see your dogs/cats at Wag. If you don't need boarding , we do have a wonderfully talented groomer and also me =)

posted: April 1st, 2008

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2edited: January 28th, 2008

Over Rated!

This place is over rated! It's gougingly expensive and has a rediculously long wait list! The ads hyped it up so much but the reality check comes when you actually see the place. Yes, it is clean. Yes, they're well staffed. But, the price and long wait list isn't worth the trouble. Amazingly, even a belly rub for your dog incurs a cost! Aside from that, your dog would have to unlearn their good behavior of not pooping and peeing indoor. At this place, they have to poop and pee indoor as they don't walks. Just green paint on their concrete floor for your pal's good imagination. Not for mine!!!

posted: January 28th, 2008


1posted: November 26th, 2007

It's not what they all advertise about...

We brought our basset hound Marley there in a luxury suite to test out the hotel and to see if he liked it. They advertise soft classical music and dimmed lighting in the evening, but when we got home at 2am and checked on him on the web cam, the lights were very bright and there was very loud rock music blaring in the background. He kept on continuously barking and crying most of the night. The dogs only get out at 8:30am and 2pm to relieve themselves and that's it for the day. They basically stay in their kennels the rest of the day unless you fork over more cash for a "business walk" which is about 10 min. We had a bath scheduled for him as well and when we came to pick him up, we had to wait over 20 minutes for them to get him and when he finally came out, he did not smell like he was bathed and when I disputed this with the front desk person, I was given a lot of attitude and ended up paying for something that was clearly was not done. I will NEVER bring him back there again.


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