Snowball Fite!!!

 |  Dec 6th 2008  |   5 Contributions

funny pictures of cats with captions
Hi evrybuddy, Skeezix heer. Today I wunt to show yoo a fun hollyday thing yoo can make and send to yer frends arownd the werld with the help of our frends at JibJab.

Yoo can try it owt fur free, and they make theeze grate moovies of yoo and yer frends. For ixzampul, in this grate moovie, my frend Daisy nails Tripper with a snowball in the hoo-has. He wint down with a big thud. Just watch!

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We krak owrselfs up watchin' theeze grate moovies! Yoo can eezily make one with all of yer frends in it. Just go to --- it's lotsa fun!


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