Scottish Cat Wins Smackdown with Yorkie, Lands in Doghouse

 |  May 22nd 2010  |   5 Contributions


Rosie the Cat just wanted to show the yappy little Yorkie who was boss of her school playground, and instill in him the natural order of things: Cats Rule; Dogs Drool.

But the scuffle got Rosie in trouble. She was reported to the Scottish SPCA which prompted a home visit by welfare officers.

Rosie's owner, Angela Blanchard, admits that Rosie isn't wild about dogs, but she's not aggressive and is in fact, quite docile and "laid back" when not around them.

Mrs Blanchard said Rosie was fond of spending time in a school playground nearby, where she was petted by the pupils and had come to view the area as "her territory".

When the Yorkie wandered into the grounds, Rosie did what every alpha cats knows to do: Attack!

The Scottish SPCA confirmed that it had received a call to its animal helpline about Rosie's behavior and had spoken to her owner.



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