Moo's Musings: Sometimes Humans Try Too Hard

 |  Jun 22nd 2011  |   5 Contributions

Oh hai! MOO here again. Mom keeps hogging this blog, doesn't she?

The other day Mom came home with a present for me and my brother, Pimp. She said, "You guys, I got you a new donut bed!" A new bed, we thought! Yay!

And then she showed us this...

Donut bed? Mom thinks she's funny.

Sometimes humans try too hard. Us kitties don't really care about silly beds like this! We just want a balled up blanket or a pile of clean clothes.

She even tried to convince me it was comfy. She put me on it and petted me and all. It worked for a few minutes, but I haven't been back on that donut bed yet. (That she knows about anyway.)

I'm enjoying a donut. Kind of.

Do you humans do anything like this and try too hard? Do YOU have a donut bed?


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