Monday Movie: Tsunami Miracle Cat

 |  Mar 21st 2011  |   6 Contributions

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In this very special video, a tsunami victim returns to her home, left in shambles from the surge. When the tsunami came, she could not find her cat, and was forced to leave without her.

A transcript of the video follows after the jump.

Voiceover: After the earthquake, the citizens return to their changed town.

Woman: I had a cat, and when the tsunami came, I looked for it. But I couldn't find it, so I had to escape.

VO: When they go into the house...

Man: So what was this room?

W: This was the dining room.

M: That's a tree from outside?

W: Yeah, that's amazing...

W: Ah! The cat's alive! I can hear it!

M: That's great! It looks like it escaped to the second floor when the tsunami came.


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