Microchip Reunites Tabby with Family 3 Years Later

 |  Aug 6th 2009  |   3 Contributions


Smarty the Tabby is back in the loving arms of his family three years after he was spooked and went missing from his Northern California home.

Smarty was just a year old when he disappeared. He was turned in to the Marin Humane Society this week as a stray, and a routine microchip scan identified his owners, Aaron and Leah Lamstein. The Lamsteins and Smarty were thrilled to be reunited.

"Smarty has indeed lived up to his namesake," says Carrie Harrington, Marin Humane Society communications manager. "Certainly a bit of street smarts helped this kitty survive outdoors on his own for all this time. We hope this story will serve as an important reminder of how important it is to microchip your pets!"

Microchipping is only a small part of a three-prong defense and pet recovery plan to keep your cat safe. Read The Cat's Meow's Guide to Pet Recovery for more information.

[LINK: abclocal.go.com; PHOTO: Marin Humane Society]


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