Kitten Rescued after Being Trapped Beneath Dashboard

 |  Apr 26th 2010  |   13 Contributions


Employees at a Jupiter, Florida auto dealership saved a kitten that got stuck in a car Thursday.

Jimmy Johnson, a customer at Earl Stewart Toyota. was driving on Indiantown Road when he saw a kitten running back and forth in traffic.

Johnson pulled over and honked repeatedly for a woman who was about to run over the kitten to stop. Luckily, she did, at which point the kitten crawled into the wheel well of her car.

Johnson rescued the kitten and put it in his Range Rover to take to a friend's house, but the loose kitten climbed underneath the dashboard en route and became trapped..

So, Johnson drove to Earl Stewart Toyota, where technicians Keith Hamil and Alan Fores used a remote camera to locate and rescue the kitten.

No word yet on the cat's fate.



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