Think Hairless Cats Are Creepy? No, YOU'RE Creepy!

I love hairless cats. LOVE them. I know some of you are thinking, "Ew, WTF? They are creepy." Well, you know what? YOURE creepy. Hairless...

 |  Jan 27th 2012  |   5 Contributions

I love hairless cats. LOVE them. I know some of you are thinking, "Ew, WTF? They are creepy."

This is a baby Sphynx. I DIE.

Well, you know what? YOURE creepy. Hairless cats rule. Here is why:

+ They take baths:

This cat is partaking in an activity I refer to as regulating, or the act of rapidly passing water through your hands or paws. It's best done under a stream of flowing water, but this method counts as well. Its extremely relaxing and happens to be something I do compulsively.




(In a reader? View the video here.)


So needless to say, when I saw this cat regulating, I realized that a) OMG this cat is my soulmate and b) WTF hairless cats take baths? Im a strong believer that there is NOTHING a bath cant make better, and I think this little guy or girl agrees. Here, my friends, is where my obsession with hairless cats began.

+ Kat Von D loves them:
It's a known fact that Kat Von D loves these little aliens.

Kat Von D and her kitty Piaf

After losing two Sphynxes in one year (one tragically in a fire, sigh), the tattooist star has moved on with this adorable little wrinkleworm, Piaf. No, srsly. I DIE.

+ They make great models:

So obvi hairless cats get cold, duh. This lady decided to quit her job and focus her life's energy on making clothes for hairless cats. The coolest part about this is she uses her cats as models, and theyre furkin FIERCE.

+ You can put temporary tattoos on them:

Im sure a lot of you are pissed right now. But seriously, this cat is fine.

This is a temporary tattoo, we promise. Don't get mad.

Cats in clothes, cats with fake tattoos, cats in hats — NONE of them are being abused. Just stop. Weve all seen pictures of cats who have been abused or neglected. Note the obvious differences.

+ Theyre classy:

And if you dress like your cat, you can be classy, too!

Be classy with your cat.

I actually prefer the black cat outfit, but whatever; this post is not about black cats.

+ They look good in shark costumes:

Hairless cats get cold. They need sweaters. So why not make their sweaters awesome shark costumes?

Fear the shark kitty.

+ No, really, just look at them:

Im pretty sure the name of this blog says it all

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