Happy Ending for Cats Dumped Roadside in a Sealed Cardboard Box

 |  Jan 19th 2009  |   13 Contributions

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In Michigan last week, two kittens were cruelly left to die a slow death in a sealed cardboard box in a roadside ditch near Sand Creek. Allen Huff first saw the box on January 8th, and continued to drive by it for several days before investigating. Every time he drove by he thought he should stop and take a look, which he finally did on the 11th. The box was tightly sealed with electrical tape. There was no way they could have gotten out, Huff said. I cant believe someone would do that. As he pulled the tape off and opened the box, he was startled when the box began to move and a kitten jumped out and ran into the bushes. It was quite a surprise, he said. The box provided neither air holes nor food.

A second kitten was in the box. He took that kitten with him, then went back to track the first kitten. His wife called veterinarian Nancy Kelly while he retrieved kitten #1.

The kittens were pretty grateful to be found, Im sure, he said. It was obvious to both he and Dr Kelly that the cats were not feral, but were accustomed to people.

Dr Kelly took the kittens to her clinic. She noted that the kittens were about six months old, one male and one female. The female had a respiratory infection, but the male was healthy and doing very well.

Its just sad anyone would do this, she said. When the kittens get to feeling better, Kelly said, she will vaccinate them and find them a good home.

Kelly talked to the owner of property where the kittens were discovered. He told her that this is not the first time animals have been dumped in this location. Bonnie Tancredi, executive director of Lenawee Humane Society, said they have not received many complaints of animal cruelty, but like many shelters have observed a marked increase recently in abandoned animals.

Were averaging at least one to two boxes per week, Tancredi said. Some of the boxes have notes in them that say the pets owner had lost their job or home and cant keep their pet. Most boxes contain multiple pets.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Linda Campbell, lenconnect.com]


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