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"Station Cat" Graeme Riley, Ace of Cats, Has Passed Away

Take a moment to remember this remarkable cat, who met his owners on the train platform every day.

 |  Aug 16th 2013  |   20 Contributions

Graeme Riley, Ace of Cats, gained international attention in 2011 by waiting for his owner on a platform at a train station every day.

Walking with his owners in the morning, Graeme would see them off to their morning commute –- making himself a celebrity in his town. He also made it a habit to wait every evening at the platform to greet his owners when they got off work. He was truly a unique cat, who was loyal and dedicated to the end.

Photo by Josh Waddell, taken from Graeme Riley, Ace of Cats Facebook

That’s why all of us here at Catster are devastated to find that Graeme has passed away after battling an illness, according to his owner Patrick O’Duffy on Facebook. According to the page, Graeme was ill for a very long time, but was able to have a stable and comfortable last 18 months until his health finally declined.

Graeme Riley, Ace of Cats. Photo from Graeme Riley FB

O'Duffy wrote a lovely note about Graeme on his Facebook page, commenting on the happy and fulfilling life the cat led: “He loved people; he loved chocolate; he loved attention and warm spaces. Even in the last couple of years, when ill health and advancing age slowed him down, he was always ready to go exploring or to wander out in search of pats. And every person he met, even if they only knew him for a few moments, loved him.”

Graeme Rile, Ace of Cats. Photo from Graeme Riley FB

O'Duffy's family adopted Graeme at the ASPCA when the cat was around six years old. Before being adopted he had spent some time on the streets living a rather rough life. That changed when he found O'Duffy.

Waiting at the train station for his owner to come home. Photo from Graeme Riley FB

He was known throughout the neighborhoods as “Station Cat” -- he loved greeting commuters and passersby on the platform.

Graeme Riley waiting at the platform. Photo from Graeme Riley FB

A fearless cat, Graeme was unafraid of dogs, cars, strangers, and trains.

O'Duffy had this exceptionally lovely thing to say about Graeme at the end of his note, which exemplifies how much the family cared for Graeme: “He's gone now, and he's left a great aching space in our lives, a space that can never be filled. But our memories remain, and our love. And it's meant a lot to us to know that so many people around the world cared about him and followed his adventures.”

All of us here at Catster wish Graeme's family the best, and we hope that they are doing well in spite of their loss. 

Visit Graeme Riley, Ace of Cats on Facebook


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